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Using the Inner Pot as the starting point, BUFFALO has created the intelligent, multifunctional Enco Rice Cooker, which is made with stainless steel composite alloy. With multiple cooking memory modes, the heat is guaranteed to distribute more evenly, and the heat can be retained more efficiently. The new intelligent heating curve technology can also help you cook the most delicious rice you will ever have. Let Enco Rice Cooker cook natural-tasting and healthy rice for you!
  • Micro-computer Control Panel.
  • New functions include"Cook Congee","Cook Soup" and"Steam".
  • May be used to cook brown rice or mixed brown rice.
  • May be used to cook rice, cook congee, steam, make cake, cook soup, and make stew.
  • The inner pot may also be used on the gas stove directly

ENCO inner pot:

The inner pot of Buffalo Smart Cooker is made of Buffalo Clad. It has all the features to make an excellent cookware. Among its features are: even heat transmission, resistant to oxidation, not easily stick and has no chemical reaction. Buffalo Clad is superior in heat conductivity, to ensure the dishes are well cooked.

Intelligent Heating Curve Technology:

Phase 1:
The rice is cooked in a low temperature in the first fifteen minutes so the nutrients are not destroyed by the heat. The rice also uses this period to absorb water, which also helps retain nutrients.
Phase 2: The intelligent timer heats up the water quickly in order to cook the rice thoroughly.
Phase 3:
The rice is cooked in a lower temperature for fifteen minutes in order to make the rice plump, fragrant, and separated from each other.
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