Evolution of Stainless Steel Cookware

Smart Forming Technology is a form of technology using special engineered machine to spin-form stainless steel sheet or rod. This technology uses extreme speeds of rotation and takes advantages on the clad metal’s stretchable ability. By applying compression at desired parts during the process, the metal will thus flatten and elongate. Smart Forming Technology is different from Traditional Drawing Technology. Drawing Technology creates even thickness throughout the entire product. Where as Smart Forming Technology, the base and handle of the pot are thicker than the body. Creating the “Thickness Varied Design”.

Buffalo Technology | Buffalo Clad

With Buffalo‘s high commitment to their customer, Buffalo Clad was introduced into the cookware industry. The breakthrough was achieved when Buffalo combined the Buffalo Clad and Smart Forming Technology to once again lead the clad material industry. Since establishment, Buffalo has always strive to continue produce and create premium quality of stainless steel cookware to worldwide consumer based on the principle of healthy living and attention to fine quality and detail.

Unique and Innovative

1. Even Heat Distribution & Efficient Heat Retention

Increase efficiency in heat transmission, Reduction in weight, innovative “Thickness Varied” design. Buffalo products are up to 30% lighter than traditional 5-ply cookware and yet 30% more efficient in heat distribution. Whether you stir fry, boil, pan fry, or deep fry, low heating energy achieves high temperature, significantly reducing excess energy and smoke.

2. Polish Wear Resistant Surface

Our exclusively polished cookware surface is wear-resistant that withstands everyday wear and tear, enabling it to retain that brand-new shine.

3. Energy Saving Production

Consciousness in our carbon footprint is one of our brand’s mission Buffalo’s revolutionary energy saving products, not only allows energy reduction in its manufacturing process but also assist consumers in fighting the cause through efficient cooking.

4. Pure Water Cleaning Process

Buffalo’s 5-step pure water cleaning process eliminates all oily residues and the need to sterilise new cookware prior to first use.