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1: How does the Buffalo Cookware differ from traditional 5-ply cookware?

Owning one of the four largest stainless steel plants in the world, Buffalo is an OEM for many companies in Europe, America, Japan and Asia, manufacturing multilayer composite stainless steel products per client requests. We have discovered through endless experiments that excess layered composite metal in cookware is both inconvenient and inefficient.  Not only does heat transmission reduce significantly, most importantly the heavier products risks possible hazards whilst cooking 

2: How does Buffalo cookware, which is made in Malaysia, maintain such high quality?

Buffalo is a 50-year-old Taiwanese brand which manufactures its own products.  Backed by one of the four largest stainless steel factories in the world, Buffalo specialises in manufacturing high-quality cookware exporting to Europe, America and Japan.  Resulting from more than 50 years of relentless innovation in the stainless steel cookware industry, we have been awarded the Excellent Quality Brand Award. You can rely on our expertise and confidence in making quality cookware. In fact, many of our customers have used our products for decades without any problems.

3: What should I do about the rainbow-like discoloration or white residue?

Our exclusively polished, wear-resistant surface is made to withstand everyday wear and tear.  The rainbow-like discolouration and white residue is completely natural and results from occasional boiling of water with high mineral content, oil-free, and low oil cooking, It is normal and does not impede cooking performance.  They disappear upon coming in contact with cooking oil, or can be cleaned by the Buffalo’s cleaning powder to stay sparkling new.

4: What if My Buffalo cookware starts sticking?

Buffalo cookware uses high quality Buffalo Clad which distributes heat rapidly and evenly. This unique combination of material and manufacturing process prevents food from sticking when used correctly. Always ensure the product is heated thoroughly; you can check by sprinkling water into the product. If you see the water droplets dancing, it is ready to use. Buffalo products are 100% chemical free and does not include any non stick materials of any kind.

5: Does reacting to magnets mean Buffalo cookware is not made of 100% pure stainless steel?

Buffalo Cookware utilizes a ferrous material on its outer layer which does not come in contact with food. It is done to be compatible with induction cook ranges. Ferritic stainless steel which is more commonly known within the group of 400 series stainless steel is magnetic and is completely food safe and is commonly used by many cookware brand around the world.

6: How do I clean my new Buffalo Cookware before using? Do I need to preseason and cure the cookware prior to use?

Neither is necessary. Manufacturers who require consumers to clean their cookware before using for the first time do not thoroughly remove residual industrial chemicals and polishing agents, which often amount to 3 to 4 different types and cannot go away even in boiling water. Buffalo guarantees its products are safe to use out of the box.