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Herbal Chicken Soup | 藥材雞湯

This low-fat broth declares war on blubber while delivering a whopping protein payload

Servings: 4 pax
Prep Time:
Cook Time:

Difficulty Level:

Ingredients | 原料:

1 whole Village Chicken | 甘榜雞 1隻
5 pieces of egg | 雞蛋 5顆
40g of red dates | 紅棗 40克
6g of American Ginseng | 花旗參 6克
6g of dried longan | 龍眼乾 6克
15g of dried goji berries | 枸杞 15克
35g of dried Chinese yam | 淮山 35克
40g of Solomon's seal | 玉竹片 40克
4g of dried licorice root | 甘草4克
200g of Japanese yam | 山藥 200克
10g of Dong Quai | 當歸 10克
1 tsp of salt | 食用鹽 一茶匙
3 liters of water | 食水 3公升


1. Wash and rinse off the Japanese yam before peeling the skin and cutting it to cubes.
2. Put the whole village chicken, red dates, American ginseng, dried longan, dried goji berries, dried Chinese yam, Solomon's seal, dried licorice root, Dong Quai and Japanese yam cubes into the pressure cooker (All should be rinsed in advance)
3. Pour water and mix well.
4. Cover the lid by aligning both triangles on lid and bottom handle and lock it. Cook on maximum heat until the pressure indicator goes up to third level.
**Maximum level for most of the induction and electric cooktops is 2000 Watt, Medium level at 1000 Watt and Minimum heat at 500 Watt or lower.

**For gas stoves, Maximum heat is the widest flame under the bottom of pressure cooker/ pan without flaming the sides.

5. Turn heat to minimum level and let it cook for another 20 minutes. Switch off/remove from heat.
6. Wait until the pressure indicator is fully dropped before opening the lid and add salt.
7. Ready to serve.


1. Serve with Chinese traditional thin noodles (70g per serving) or white rice.


1. 把山藥洗淨後去皮切塊備用。
2. 把甘榜雞,紅棗,花旗參,龍眼乾,枸杞,淮山,玉竹片,甘草,當歸和切好的山藥洗淨瀝乾後置入氣壓鍋內。
3. 倒入水以淹沒所有食材。
4. 蓋上鍋蓋,轉至火鍋模式並以2000大火煮至壓力指示上升至第三階段。
5. 把火轉至800小火煮約20分鐘即可關火。
6. 指示下降至氣壓鍋完全泄壓即可打開鍋蓋。
7. 打開鍋蓋加入食用鹽調味即可品嚐。


1. 可搭配麵線(一份約70克)或白米飯一起食用。


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