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Asian Prawn and Lamb Soup | 鲜虾羊肉锅

This low-fat broth declares war on blubber while delivering a whopping protein payload

Servings: 4 pax
Prep Time:
Cook Time:

Difficulty Level:

Ingredients | 原料:

450g of Lamb chunks | 羊腿块450克
5 Prawns (Big) | 大虾5只
400g of Radish | 白萝卜400克
100g of Ginger | 姜 100g
1 Green Onion | 葱1根
10 pieces of Sichuan pepper | 花椒10粒
50ml of Cooking Wine | 料酒50毫升
1 tsp of White Pepper | 白胡椒粉1茶匙
1 tsp of Salt | 食用盐1茶匙
1 pinch of Coriander Leaves | 香菜适量
1.25 liters of Hot Water | 热水1.25升
4 tbsp of Cooking Oil | 食用油4大勺


1. Cut lamb into small chunks. Remove dirt from big prawns.
2. Slice the ginger and green onion and set aside.
3. Set heat to the high medium, place the prawns in the pressure cooker and stir-fry each side for 10-20 seconds.
4. reserve the half-cooked prawns; pan-sear the lamb chunks in the remaining oil until the color is evenly light brown.
5. Add sliced ginger, green onion and Szechuan pepper and pan-sear them with the lamb chunks.
6. Pour cooking wine and let it simmer before pouring hot water and radish.
7. Cover the lid by aligning both triangles on lid and bottom handle and lock it. Cook on maximum heat until the pressure indicator goes up to third level.

**Maximum level for most of the induction and electric cooktops is 2000 Watt, Medium level at 1000 Watt and Minimum heat at 500 Watt or lower.

**For gas stoves, Maximum heat is the widest flame under the bottom of pressure cooker/ pan without flaming the sides.

8. Turn heat to minimum and let cook for another 5 minutes; switch off/remove from heat.
9. Wait for the pressure indicator to fully drop before opening the lid.
10. Add half cooked prawns and let it mix with others on medium heat for 2 minutes.
11. Add salt, white pepper and coriander leaves before serving. Ready to serve


1. Using the remaining oil from frying the prawns to stir-fry lamb chunks will increase the aroma of the soup as it contains flavor.
2. You can add hot pepper oil to spice it up.


1. 将羊肉洗净切成3、4cm见方的大块,大虾剪去虾枪虾须,挑出头部的沙袋,用剪刀开背后挑出虾线。
2. 姜切片,葱切寸段待用。
3. 把火转至煸炒模式1000中火热锅后将大虾下锅,每面煎十几二十秒至虾壳出香味。
4. 盛出大虾备用,在煎过虾的锅里下羊肉略煎,至羊肉表面变色。
5. 下姜片、葱段和花椒,稍微翻炒出香味。
6. 烹入料酒,稍煮一会儿让酒精挥发,下没过食材的热水,并把白萝卜加入。
7. 盖上锅盖,转至火锅模式并以2000大火煮至压力指示上升至第三阶段。
8. 把火转至500小火煮约5分钟即可关火。
9. 指示下降至气压锅完全泄压即可打开锅盖。
10. 起锅前加入大虾再用小火500煮2分钟。
11. 盛用前撒上食用盐,白胡椒粉和香菜碎调味和装饰即可。


1. 煎过大虾的锅子不要洗,直接用来煎羊肉,让虾油可以融入羊肉汤里。
2. 喜欢辣的可以最后滴些辣椒油上去。


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