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Snow Fungus Red Dates Dessert | 红枣雪耳莲子糖水

This dessert is good for treating dry cough as snow fungus helps to nourish the body, lungs, and stomach, and because red dates contain loads of vitamins.

Servings: 4 pax
Prep Time:
Cook Time:

Difficulty Level:

Ingredients | 原料:

40g of Red dates | 红枣40克
25g of Dried longan | 龙眼干25克
35g of White fungus | 雪耳 35克
30g of Lotus seed | 莲子30克
30g of Lili bulbs | 百合30克
20g of dried goji berries | 枸杞20克
2.5 liters of Water | 水 2.5公升
100g of Rock sugar | 冰糖100克
4 leaves of Pandan | 斑斓叶 4片


1. Wash and soak the Snow (white) fungus overnight.
2. Wash and drain the red dates, dried longan, white fungus, lotus seeds, Lili bulbs and pandan leaves.
3. Add red dates, dried longan, white fungus, lotus seeds, Lili bulbs and pandan leaves into the pressure cooker and add water to it.
4. Cover the lid by aligning both triangles on lid and bottom handle and lock it. Cook on maximum heat until the pressure indicator goes up to third level.

**Maximum level for most of the induction and electric cooktops is 2000 Watt, Medium level at 1000 Watt and Minimum heat at 500 Watt or lower.

**For gas stoves, Maximum heat is the widest flame under the bottom of pressure cooker/ pan without flaming the sides.

5. Turn heat to minimum for 5 minutes, switch off/remove from heat.
6. Wait for the pressure indicator to fully drop before opening the lid.
7. Add Goji berries into the pressure cooker before serving.


1. 先将雪耳洗净浸泡在冷水里隔夜备用。
2. 把红枣,龙眼干,雪耳,莲子,百合,和斑斓叶洗净滤干备用。
3. 把红枣,龙眼干,雪耳,莲子,百合,斑斓叶和水倒入气压锅内。
4. 盖上锅盖,转至火锅模式并以2000大火煮至压力指示上升至第三阶段。
5. 把火转至500小火煮约5分钟即可关火。
6. 指示下降至气压锅完全泄压即可打开锅盖。
7. 起锅前加入枸杞即可品尝。


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