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Vegetable Porridge | 養生蔬菜粥

This is a vegetarian (rice porridge) recipe that is deceptively delicious. Vegetables and rice can make for a soothing, fragrant meal-in-a-bowl.

Servings: 4 pax
Prep Time:
Cook Time:

Difficulty Level:

Ingredients | 原料:

2 cups of White rice | 白米 2杯
16 cups = 3.2 liters of water | 水 16杯 3.2公升
1 Carrot | 胡蘿蔔 1根 200克
2 Potatoes | 馬鈴薯 2個 230克
220g of corn | 玉米粒 1根 220克
220g of pumpkin | 南瓜 220克
165g of peanuts | 花生 165克
340g of lotus root | 蓮藕 340克
1.5 tsp of salt | 食用鹽 1茶匙半


1. Wash and rinse off white rice.
2. Peel off the washed carrots, potatoes, pumpkin as well as lotus root before cutting them all into cubes.
3. Pour white rice, water, carrot, potato, pumpkin and lotus root cubes, corn and peanuts into the pressure cooker.
4. Cover the lid by aligning both triangles on lid and bottom handle and lock it. Cook on maximum heat until the pressure indicator goes up to third level.

**Maximum level for most of the induction and electric cooktops is 2000 Watt, Medium level at 1000 Watt and Minimum heat at 500 Watt or lower.

**For gas stoves, Maximum heat is the widest flame under the bottom of pressure cooker/ pan without flaming the sides.

5. Turn heat to minimum and cook for another 6 minutes; switch off/remove from heat.
6. Wait for the pressure indicator to fully drop before opening the lid.
7. Add salt before serving. Ready to serve.


1. 把洗淨的白米瀝乾備用。。
2. 把胡蘿蔔,馬鈴薯,南瓜和蓮藕洗淨去皮切塊備用。
3. 把洗淨的白米,水,胡蘿蔔塊,馬鈴薯塊,南瓜塊,蓮藕塊,玉米粒和花生一同倒入氣壓鍋內。
4. 蓋上鍋蓋,轉至火鍋模式並以2000大火煮至壓力指示上升至第三階段。
5. 把火轉至800小火煮約6分鐘即可關火。
6. 指示下降至氣壓鍋完全泄壓即可打開鍋蓋。
7. 打開鍋蓋加入食用鹽調味即可品嚐。


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